From the recording The Puppy Song

©️2011 James D. Mosley


I don’t want silver or gold
I don’t want someone to hold
Don’t really care if it’s hot or cold
All I a puppy

Daddy says no ‘cause dogs have fleas
Mommy says their fur makes her sneeze
I beg and beg them pretty please
But they say I...can’t have a puppy

Oh I would feed it and love it and take care of it
If only they’d say I could
Mommy and Daddy if you’d just say yes
Puppy and I would always be good

But sometimes parents can be so cruel
They make me bathe and go to school
They don’t realize they’d be so cool
If they’d just have a puppy

Mommy and Daddy say they have got
A big surprise for me
It’s prob’ly just another lame video game
Or a crummy large screen HDTV

They make me close my eyes tight as I can
Then they place something fuzzy in my hands
Oh great another sweater vest
That licks my face and climbs up my chest

Oh Mom and Dad you are the best
Thank you so much...for my new puppy