Old Effects Pedals, New Surprises

I had the house to myself this morning (well the dog was here, but he was napping) so I took the opportunity to string all my guitar effects pedals together and try out my new power supply. After everything was hooked up, I powered on my amp and started noodling around on Honey, my Deluxe Nashville Telecaster. Throughout this process I learned  two very important things:

1) My playing needs real improvement.

2) I need more patch cables (and a pedalboard).

I also learned that my new pedals are awesome, as well they should be, since they're the latest of their kind. But it was my old effects that held the most surprise for me today, so I'll start with them first. Here they are:

Surf & Turf Compressor: I'll admit I bought this little thing years ago because I wanted a compressor really bad, it was cheap and I was broke. At the time, I thought it was decent. Now, though, it just doesn't give me the sound I'm after. It will definitely boost your signal but to get that country spank the sensitivity has to be almost dimed. This little jewel will definitely be replaced.

Tubulator: Now this was a nice surprise! This pedal has a really creamy (to my ears) overdrive sound and is pretty tweakable- you can get Tube Screamer sounds and beyond. It cleans up nicely when you roll back your guitar volume; roll it up and drive that amp! It is a little noisy, especially with single coils, but still extremely useable.


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