Jim Mosley- Writer Of Sad Songs


A baby boy being rocked to sleep to the sound of Buck Owens and The Buckaroos "Cinderella." That was the beginning, or at least that's Jim Mosley's first memory; Mom rocking him to that song. His next memory is a little more shocking- he found out early that plugging your guitar string into an outlet is not the way you get an electric guitar! But singed fingers heal, and his passion for music was ignited. 

As Life, Love and Loss wrapped themselves around him, the sad songs resonated more deeply in his heart and soul. To this day, a happy song is a struggle to write, but songs of leavin’ or losin’, love lost or unrequited flow out unforced. 

Writing sad songs has helped Jim to cope with the trials of his life. His hope is that listening to them will help you get through yours, too.